The Modular Channel is part of our 'Framework Devices' line that is only available to order direct.

It is available in 2 versions, the standard version 8755DS  with balanced line and high impedance instrument input, and the 8755DM which adds transformer coupled mic inputs, with phantom power and pad/polarity control.

The lead time currently is approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

Modular Channel Model 8755DS (Line and high impedance instrument ins)

$2495.00 (normally $2695.00) plus shipping

Modular Channel Model 8755DM (Mic/phantom) (Transformer coupled microphone, line, and high impedance instrument ins)

$2785.50 (normally $2995.00) plus shipping

International Ordering

International orders are shipped DHL unless otherwise specified. Orders are insured and invoiced for the full amount. All import taxes and duties are the responsibility of the customer, once goods arrive in your country. The included power supply accepts 100-240V.